Thursday, August 18, 2016

Creating a custom painting for an art collector.

When someone request a custom piece of artwork, they usually already have an idea in their mind. The artist job is to bring that vision into reality.
For this painting, the art patron, Bonnie, wanted an eagle soaring.  I had her send me a picture of the wall she was needing the the artwork to hang on.  
The first part of the process was for me to send Bonnie some conceptual designs for her to get an idea of what was in my head.

Conceptual designs of painting:
We had to determine the exact size the painting needed to be. Painters tape was placed in the area, then measurements were taken.

It was decided to go with the center image.  She requested some "semi-abstract" (I think that's pretty funny).  The eagle was more realistic while the background had texture, gold leaf and some abstract components.
A large wooden panel as constructed for the artwork.
Images of the process:


tape and texture

Painting the sky

Detailed image of the sky:

Here is a photo of the finished painting, hung in here home: